Questions answered.

West Star employs a full portfolio of social scientific research methodologies, ranging from survey research to content and sentiment analysis.

We answer original research questions by applying the highest empirical standards and appropriate methodologies. Our core focus is on the social sciences and includes new avenues like sentiment analysis in social media.



We specialize in presenting results in a way they can be understood and Allow Them to have an impact. 

We provide dynamic presentations and choose the appropriate methodology to visualize results in a meaningful way - from individual and specific visualization challenges to presentation-ready, finished products.

Archival Research and Digitization Services


West Star can assist in identifying, retrieving and digitizing archival documents, photos and film items in the United States and Canada.

This can result in significant savings – both time and money - for scholars and professionals not currently based in North America. 

Major organizations, including The National Archives or The Library of Congress, are readily accessible, while documents held by organizations across the country, including the Presidential Libraries, can also be retrieved.

West Star can retrieve and review documents on-site and provide usable digital copies in the quality needed for your project.