About West Star Digital

West Star Digital is an interdisciplinary agency for digital communication, strategy and research. We pay particular attention to new developments in digital diplomacy and nation brand, while also maintaining a "classic" portfolio.

West Star was founded by Hannes Richter and anchors in Austria, with world-wide availability. With a network of advisors and experts on two continents, the right expertise is always available. West Star is independent, privately owned, and non-partisan.

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West Star Leadership


Hannes Richter, Ph.D.

Hannes is a scholar-practitioner at the intersection of political science and digital technologies. He has been a digital professional involved in research, hands-on strategy and production for some 20 years. 

Michael L. Hess, Ph.D.
Chief Methodologist

Michael specializes in quantitative research methodology and teaches at the University of New Mexico. A native of California, he is a graduate of St. Mary's University in San Antonio and The University of New Orleans. 

Michael Knoflach, MD
Senior Advisor, Research Methodology

Michael is a neurologist at Innsbruck Medical University where he specializes in stroke research. He advises West Star on research methodology and modeling.